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Evan Thomas Institute Graduate Tells Her Story: Chenee

IAHP ETI Graduate Chenee

“We had just finished a performance in Tokyo, and I was off to watch a colleague perform on the aerial lyra. This was the first time I had ever seen an aerial performance outside of Cirque du Soleil and immediately had to try it. Soon after, I moved back to the States for the purpose of studying how to manipulate these beautiful apparatuses. Unfortunately, starting a career in the aerial arts at the age of 26 is typically not done. I am thankful to my mother for taking the “How to Multiple Your Baby’s Intelligence” Course, which provided a strong foundation for body awareness. All the neural pathways made as a youngster were still alive and well. It was remarkable to one day decide to do a round-off back-handspring and execute it on the first go, even though I had not tried it since the age of 12. It was as if skills had just been sitting in my back pocket waiting for me to take them out. Thanks to the Better Baby program and my wonderful mother, it was much easier for me to change careers at such a late age. For that I am very grateful.”

Chenee ETI Graduate

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