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The "How To Multiply Your Baby's Intelligence" Course 

Parents come from all around the world to attend this course. Parents will learn how to teach their children to read, to learn a foreign language, indeed anything and everything, including mathematics and music appreciation.

Parents learn about sensory and motor development and the fundamentals of a good nutritional program for the family.

Glenn Doman, author of the number-one parenting series, wrote "How To Teach Your Baby To Read" in 1963. This book was the beginning of a Gentle Revolution, which continues to this day.

From Glenn’s Gentle Revolution Series of books, the "How To Multiply Your Baby's Intelligence" Course was created, and millions of mothers and fathers have read these books and taken the course. As a result, countless babies and young children have been started on a pathway to intellectual excellence. 

Thanks to the enthusiasm of parents worldwide, the course has thrived on word of mouth.

For a half-century, mothers and fathers have been teaching their babies to read, to do math, to gain encyclopedic knowledge, and to become physically excellent.

“I’m happy to have the opportunity of getting as prepared as I can to be a mom so I can not only offer unconditional love and support to our son but also knowledge and skills to unleash his potential.” 

Florencia and her husband recently attended the How To Multiply Your Baby’s Intelligence Course to prepare for their first child. She fondly remembers her mother teaching her reading, math, music, and a physical program, and realizes the enormous benefit it had on her life. 

Whether you are a parent or a parent to be, this course will launch you and your family on a course that includes pure joy and enthusiasm for learning together. 

Why do parents take the course?

The course features lectures, live demonstrations by parents and children, and practical instruction. Live demonstrations give parents an intimate learning experience. The course is presented in Philadelphia in the United States, and in Japan, Mexico, and Singapore. It is presented in English, Japanese, and Spanish.


Between each lecture, a ten-minute break is provided to allow parents to ask questions to staff and experienced parents.

The live demonstrations at the How To Multiply Your Baby's Intelligence Course clearly show the positive results of early stimulation on children intellectually, physically, and socially. Independence, success, and confidence are what all parents want for their children. Parents will learn how they can help their child develop during the vitally important first years of life. 

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Planning ahead during your pregnancy? Looking at parenting as an important job? Interested in your baby's future success in life? Curious about early education, early learning, or early reading?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then The How To Multiply Your Baby's Intelligence Course was created for you. 

To enroll or request more information, please fill out the inquiry form below.

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Dr. Deva Khalsa

Author of "Natural Dog"

Taking the "How To Multiply Your Baby's Intelligence" Course changed my life in more ways than I can mention.

First of all, raising twin boys became a joy and every day there was something new and exciting for all three of us. They loved learning and I loved experiencing what they were experiencing. Not only did they learn lots of new stuff, but I learned lots of new stuff and life became very exciting, very interesting and full of wonderment. I began to experience life differently in a better way because of the way I was teaching them.​

And this is what I learned at the Better Baby Institute – to experience life to the fullest, to learn eagerly and to fully enjoy my relationship with my children every minute of every day.

They grew up better behaved than other children. They grew up loving to learn. They grew up with what seemed like automatic good manners. Life became for all of us an adventure. They continued to do great in school and absorbed everything they learned with ease.

I believe this one-week experience changed my life forever and started their lives out in a way that they would not have had the opportunity to experience if I had not taken the course.

~ Dr. Deva Khalsa - VMD 

Author of "Natural Dog"

Regina Antinori

My husband and I took this course when my son was 4 months old. This was probably the best thing we ever did for our son. He has totally thrived on this program.


I catch him randomly speaking Japanese at barely 2.5 years and he could read over 100 words by 15 months. He walked at 8 months, which was a feat considering he couldn't even do tummy time before we started this program.


Every single person that meets him comments on how brilliant, attentive and advanced he is. We feel so lucky to have The Institutes resources in our backyard. They are a fantastic group of people who truly care about all kids and their futures.

Babies truly can learn and definitely understand more than we give them credit for. Give your baby this gift – it never stops giving.

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