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Five Big Questions Parents Ask.

How do the first six years of a child’s life affect his future?

"From conception on, the human brain grows at an explosive rate which is continually on a descending scale. Explosion and descending. The whole process is essentially complete at the age of six." – Glenn Doman

"Learning is not synonymous with education. Education begins at six; learning begins at birth or earlier. Tiny kids learn more fact for fact prior to three years of age than they learn for the rest of their lives." – Glenn Doman

"The basic information placed in the child’s brain for permanent storage has two limitations. The first limitation is that if you put misinformation into his brain during the first six years of life, it is extremely difficult to erase it. The second limitation is that after he is six years of age, he will absorb new information slowly and with greater difficulty." – Glenn Doman

"It is easy to make a baby a genius prior to six years of age. It is difficult to make a child a genius after six." – Glenn Doman

 Are some children born smarter than others?

"Heredity and environment are springboards, not prison cells. Our individual genetic potential is not that of our parents or grandparents. Our individual genetic potential is that of the human race–that of Leonardo, Shakespeare, Mozart, Michelangelo, Edison, and Einstein." – Glenn Doman

Are children born with a desire to learn or does it have to be developed?

"All tiny kids have a rage to learn because learning is a survival skill." – Glenn Doman

"Learning is the greatest game in life, and the most fun. We have assumed that children hate to learn essentially because most of us have disliked or even despised school. Again, we have mistaken schooling for learning." – Glenn Doman

Should I teach my baby a foreign language or wait until he is older?

"Tiny kids learn an entire foreign language between birth and 24 months." – Glenn Doman

"While a child is able to absorb and retain virtually all material presented to him during the vastly important early years, his ability to learn the language is unique, and it matters little if this language is spoken, which he learns in an auditory way, or written, which he learns in a visual way." – Glenn Doman

"It is easier to teach a one-year-old a foreign language than it is a seven-year-old." – Glenn Doman


Do parents make good teachers?

"Mothers and kids are the most dynamic learning combination possible. The process of learning is a joyous and intimate one for mother and child. Mothers are the best teachers." – Glenn Doman

"At The Institutes we have learned to listen to mothers. However, when dealing with well children, many professionals have succeeded in thoroughly intimidating mothers. They have frequently managed to get mothers to parrot a great deal of professional jargon which is often not even understood. Worst of all, they have come close to blunting mothers’ instinctive reactions to their growing children, convincing them that they are being betrayed by their maternal instincts." – Glenn Doman

"The world has looked at brain growth and development as if it were a predestined and unchangeable fact, instead, brain growth and development is a dynamic and ever-changing process. This is a process that can be stopped. This is a process that can be slowed. But most significantly, this is a process that can be speeded." – Glenn

As a parent, how can you help your child take advantage of these first six years?

When parents understand how their child develops, they can become the best teachers their babies will ever have. 

The How To Multiply Your Baby's Intelligence Course

The objective of the How To Multiply Your Baby's Intelligence Course is to teach parents about brain growth and development from birth to age six. Parents learn how to evaluate and enrich the early development of their child right after birth.

Best of all, this joyous program brings parents and babies closer together, establishing a life-long bond of learning and love.

Dr. Deva Khalsa

Author of "Natural Dog"

Taking the "How To Multiply Your Baby's Intelligence" Course changed my life in more ways than I can mention.

First of all, raising twin boys became a joy and every day there was something new and exciting for all three of us. They loved learning and I loved experiencing what they were experiencing. Not only did they learn lots of new stuff, but I learned lots of new stuff and life became very exciting, very interesting and full of wonderment. I began to experience life differently in a better way because of the way I was teaching them.​

And this is what I learned at the Better Baby Institute – to experience life to the fullest, to learn eagerly and to fully enjoy my relationship with my children every minute of every day.

They grew up better behaved than other children. They grew up loving to learn. They grew up with what seemed like automatic good manners. Life became for all of us an adventure. They continued to do great in school and absorbed everything they learned with ease.

I believe this one-week experience changed my life forever and started their lives out in a way that they would not have had the opportunity to experience if I had not taken the course.

~ Dr. Deva Khalsa - VMD 

Author of "Natural Dog"

Regina Antinori

My husband and I took this course when my son was 4 months old. This was probably the best thing we ever did for our son. He has totally thrived on this program.


I catch him randomly speaking Japanese at barely 2.5 years and he could read over 100 words by 15 months. He walked at 8 months, which was a feat considering he couldn't even do tummy time before we started this program.


Every single person that meets him comments on how brilliant, attentive and advanced he is. We feel so lucky to have The Institutes resources in our backyard. They are a fantastic group of people who truly care about all kids and their futures.

Babies truly can learn and definitely understand more than we give them credit for. Give your baby this gift – it never stops giving.

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For thousands of parents around the world, Glenn Doman is remembered as a hero for his lifetime of search and discovery in the field of child brain development and the Gentle Revolution he created to provide intellectual, physical, and social excellence for all children.


The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential serves children from all over the world. The international headquarters is located outside of Philadelphia, in Wyndmoor, Pennsylvania, USA. The Doman Kenkyusho in Tokyo, Japan, is a qualified branch. The Institutes has an office in Aguascalientes, Mexico. The Institutes presents courses for parents in Philadelphia, Japan, Mexico, and Singapore.

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