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The Institutes is internationally known for its pioneering work in child brain development.

Parents come from all around the world to attend the "How To Multiply Your Baby's Intelligence" Course  based on the number-one parenting series, written by author Glenn Doman.


From birth to six years of age is the best time to introduce your child to reading, mathematics, music, foreign languages, and encyclopedic knowledge. Yes, you can teach your baby math–and yes, you can teach your baby a foreign language, even if you do not speak that language yourself.

The younger the baby is, the faster he will learn.

The brain grows by use. In the How To Multiply Your Baby's Intelligence Course parents learn that the brain grows rapidly between conception and age six and that learning is an inverse function of age. The younger the baby is, the faster he will learn. If the baby is provided with sensory stimulation with increased frequency, intensity, and duration and given enhanced mobility, language, and manual competence opportunity, he will develop more rapidly in all areas.

This stimulation and opportunity will increase his overall understanding of the world around him and his interaction with his family. In addition, this enhanced environment can improve the baby’s happiness, health, and general well-being.